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Catena & Castro Real Estate
Corporate Real Estate Solutions

Specializing in corporate real estate and international investments, the Catena & Castro Real Estate, advisory capable of matching international market reality on commercial transactions, has for its prime objective develop the commercialization of high standard properties and structure business mergers and acquisitions.

With a solid strategy, implemented with skill, identify specifics goals heading for advice and lead Investors capital.

Presented as a feasible organization, based on a concrete business model, intend to provide high quality service, attending our Investors demand by selecting top business and proprieties.

The entire process is developed with the chief principle of customized attendance, focused on secrecy and privacy, guaranteed by confidentiality documents. Every opportunity is analyzed by a group with expertise on Brazilian regulations, providing security and transparency to our Investors.

Catena & Castro Real Estate, highlighted company on properties transactions with more than 25 years of market experience, has profound knowledge of Brazilian geographic territory diversification.

Specialized on hotel market, real state market and selecting areas for projects development, offer to this selective market an innovative advisory with agility and efficiency, managing strategies defined together with investors.

In a flexible way, we want to have our clients as partners and coworkers, participative on market plan decisions, centered to the type of investment pre selected, whichever properties (on acquisition of industrial areas, port areas, agricultural areas and others on the same segment) or business (on analysis of varied business sectors, determined by Investors commercial interest).

Our profitability is not fixed, but it is associated with our success on the developed projects. We are practical and precise, offering a profitable plan to our commercial partners.

The lack of a prior agreement should not be considered as an obstacle. During the project, we have an independent system of commissioning for each step, and not for the entire project as its totality, preserving the right for our partner to take the decisions on its own whenever he wants.

On this brief presentation we seek to formalize and emphasize that commercial partners are made trough friendship, where every one has the possibility to achieve plans, expand investments and enjoy the predominant pleasant relationship between our countries.

Rodrigo Castro
Catena & Castro Real Estate

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